Quick Start

This guide will illustrate the steps to make a new repository with a basic Kado Hello World application, which will be an easy point to start from.

Some features of the Hello World base line:

Steps to Get Started

1) Make a new blank repository

2) Checkout the repository to your favorite IDE

3) Add https://git.nullivex.com/kado/kado-base.git with the name "base" as a remote to Git -> Remotes

4) From the terminal $ git pull base master

5) Add any extra initial commits.

6) Push to new repository.

Once these steps are completed, the code is ready for dependency resolution.

From the project root:

$ npm install

Now that Kado is installed as well as Mustache, the code is ready to run!

To start the project:

$ node app

Now the project can be accessed at http://localhost:3000

Some possible next steps would be adding some more routes, or changing the index.html file to be more to your liking.

It might also be worthwhile to experiment with the provided API.

Happy Coding!