Kado 4.4 Released

By Bryan Tong 10/12/22

Welcome to Kado 4.4.0! This release has been in development for 15 months and the work will show. Our team has spent much of the time working with Kado while using it to write new applications.

Some applications have been migrated from existing express setups and into the new Kado environment. Once we complete these migrations, the projects tend to settle down and the changes become only the day to day operational needs. I will be writing a new article to showcase how Kado has been helping us in production and with various applications.

Kado 4.4 comes with new libraries to assist with more coding needs and makes it possible to install even fewer dependencies in your project. Remember, as Kado grows our code is still under 1MB (without compression) and your project will only load the code that is being used. This is a huge advantage when you run many processes.

Getting into a few specifics, we have added the GeoIP system. This is a broad adaptation from existing GeoIP libraries that are available. In the meantime, the code was adapted ported and upgraded to the latest ECMA coding standards. Our goal is to continue to improve the coding tactics used here to make GeoIP resolution faster. For now, the library is available for testing and experimentation.

The Archive library will assist in building and reading various types of zip and tar files. It is an overlay that aids in compression and file tree traversal.

RequestEngine is an object containing a request method used to access API instances. Regardless of the type of login, the request engine aids in working with remotes. It is easy to make new instances of RequestEngine it can even be done on the fly to turn any website into a remote API! We have been using RequestEngine internally for two years in order to conduct tests against our applications, as well as communicate between applications using our API.

View middleware allows for global modifications to output. This post-processing system can provide many tools to manipulate output on the global level. See the View documentation for more information about how to use the new middleware.

At the time of writing, Kado now ships with 51 libraries to assist with coding needs. Passing 50 means we are going to start looking into deprecating less used libraries or combining the into higher up libraries in order to keep our code and documentation easier to manage.

Summary of Changes:

There are more! See our CHANGELOG

With a jam packed Kado 4.4 release, we are excited. The new features in Kado will not only propel your application but make life simpler coding having to visit less places to get the job done!

Do you have feedback? We would love to hear it! Kado has been getting many downloads, and we are confident that is going to continue to grow. Has Kado helped you? If so, we would love to hear that as well.

Happy coding and keep reaching for the stars!


The Kado Team