Introduced in 3.0.0

Stability: 2 - Stable

const Event = require('kado/lib/Event')

This library adds system level event support which is similar to logging and follows the same logging levels. However, it is best to think of events as news worthy, and serve a higher level of importance than logs. Events are also used for tracking user behavior such as database changes etc.

Note: This is not to be confused with the core Node.js EventEmitter which serves a much different programmable purpose.

Class: Event

Event extends Connect see Connect for more engine management and more.

static Event.getInstance()





This event is mostly for internal purposes and is called by the shortcut methods defined below.

Available options:

Event.digest(level, to, text, options)

Event.error(to, text, options)

Event.warn(to, text, options)

Event.info(to, text, options)

Event.verbose(to, text, options)

Event.debug(to, text, options)

Event.silly(to, text, options)

Class: EventEngine

EventEngine extends ConnectEngine see ConnectEngine for engine management and more.


Must be extended and used to send to underlying event system.