Kado 4.3 Released

By Bryan Tong 10/11/22

Kado 4.3 has been released since February 2022 and stabilizes the big additions made in Kado 4.2.

Most of the Kado 4.3 features and changes come from real life testing and production feedback. This release focuses on consistent error handling and stability in public.

Our team has been continuing the security review and testing of Kado. To this point, we have had great success.

Here is a summary of the changes:

There are more! See our CHANGELOG

With all that being said, Kado 4.4 is right around the corner. We have major new additions as well as fixes to existing content.

What have we been busy with? Writing applications with Kado! Which is what we spent our time creating this project for. All the targets have been a continual hit. Kado aims for long term success. Consider switching your project today.


The Kado Team