Kado 4 Released

By Bryan Tong on 2/19/20

We are proud to announce Kado 4 has been released to the general public! Our new version of Kado has been 6 months in the making, over 550+ commits. There are 37 top level libraries that provide a wealth of functionality! All the code strictly follows standard.js code styling.

Kado 4 is a ground up rewrite working through a new approach to providing the same functionality as Kado 3 in a much more open manner. Kado 4 also provides core libraries that replace the need for over 50+ packages! Kado 4 is fully unit tested with over 600 tests!

Faster than Ever

We set a primary goal when developing Kado 4 and that was to reduce the latency of web requests. Our current applications were just too slow. Kado 4 boosts response time by over 50 times and probably more! The time on requests drops closer to compiled levels with Kado 4 and we promise it will out perform your current setup.

Create Websites and API Servers

The new Kado libraries come with enough functionality to set up both websites and API servers right out of the box. No extra dependencies needed! The included libraries provide everything to set up routes, process requests, and set redirects. Keep working close to the core of Node.js by using Kado for your next servers.

Step by Step Guides

Check out kado.org if you are not already there and see the Guides section at the left. The guides link together to form a step by step introduction into using Kado 4 in your application.

Built in Testing

Kado 4 is proud to announce the ability to write and run tests directly using the included TestRunner library. Also see the Writing Tests guide to gain more understanding on constructing test suites.

Open Development with Gitlab

All our coding is done openly on Gitlab where you an create an account and start working on Merge Requests yourself. Our code has been fully peer reviewed and records of the review can be seen in our issues tracker. We hope to see your contribution soon!