Thank you for your interest in downloading Kado! Below, we will provide a few different methods for importing Kado into your project or system.

Kado 4 (latest)

Install from NPM

$ npm install kado

This is the preferred installation method and is the easiest. Provided you have already installed Node.js then you should have npm available on your system. Simply execute the command above from your project root to install Kado into your project.

Install from Yarn

$ yarn add kado

Yarn is a great package manager and works well in production.

Direct Download

Please use the link below to download an archive file containing the latest version of Kado.

For earlier versions see our Release Page.

Kado 3 (legacy)

Install from NPM

NPM path for Kado 3 installations.

$ npm install git+

Direct Download

Use the archives below for direct installation.

For earlier versions see our Release Page.

CDN Usage

Through the use of NPM based CDN services Kado can be used through their public links. We do not encourage this method.


Using JSDeliver they provide a base URL and then you append the URI to the file your program is interested in.

See our JSDelivr Page for a complete file list.

Example loading kado/lib/Parse

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

NOTE: Kado modules use CommonJS and as such CommonJS must be used to load kado modules.