Revolutionize your project with efficiency and extensibility.

Start developing in a consistent, extensible, environment and focus on moving forward.

Build something great now, then
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We Innovate

Let the Kado team handle integrating and curating new technology.

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Kado can perform drastically faster that competitor stacks, remaining lightweight with a large feature set.

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A Full Package

Yes Kado is an application, but it is also a complete development environment for the modern developer.

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What is Kado?

Kado is a complete development environment based on Node.js. It provides a modular environment to create applications that provide any type of activity.

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Become an IT ninja

With the use of Kado your applications will instantly be professional grade. You will only focus on implementing your great idea!

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Work faster with your tools in one place

As a developer installing each tool becomes a hassle. Kado comes with a wealth of tools right away so you only need one dependency: Kado!

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