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Install Kado using NPM or see Download for more details.

npm install kado

Collection of JavaScript Framework Libraries for Node.js

Quick Hello Server

Place the following code into an empty JavaScript file, example: app.js.

'use strict'
// import kado
const kado = require('kado')
// create application
const app = kado.getInstance()
// create a webserver
const http = new kado.HyperText.HyperTextServer()
// register the webserver
app.http.addEngine('http', http.createServer(app.router))
// register a route
app.get('/', (req, res) => { res.end('Hello') })
// start the application and listen
app.start().then(() => app.listen())

After saving the file, execute the code by running the following command from the same folder as the JavaScript file.

node app

Once the command has executed, a web server that says "Hello" will be available on port 3000 of your local machine, example: http://localhost:3000.

See more guides and examples below.


More Features

Get Started with our Guides

Our guides provide a step by step experience to learn how to use Kado to go from saying "Hello" on a web port to writing a working administration panel. Once these guides are completed, building websites and applications using Kado should feel second nature. Each guide below is accompanied by a link to the full guide as well as a short description of what each guide provides.

Library List

See our Kado Library List

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