High Quality JavaScript Libraries

Welcome To Kado

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High Quality JavaScript Libraries based on ES6+

Install Kado quickly or see Download for more details.

$ npm install kado


Kado provides solutions by combining all the common gaps in JavaScript into a consistent, well documented, thoroughly tested collection of libraries that have zero external dependencies.

What is Kado?

Kado provides High Quality JavaScript libraries written in ES6 or better standards. Our collection of libraries will provide most common needs for web servers or command line applications. To try Kado in your project simply install using the command below and see some of the documentation below about how Kado might help simplify your projects workflow.

Why use Kado?

Get Started with our Guides

Our guides provide a step by step experience to learn how to use Kado to go from saying "Hello" on a web port to writing a working administration panel. Once these guides are completed, building websites and applications using Kado should feel second nature. Each guide below is accompanied by a link to the full guide as well as a short description of what each guide provides.

Kado Library List

This is an exhaustive lise of all the JavaScript libraries provided with Kado. Each library has a link to its documentation as well as a short description of what the library provides.